//My TWC
Project Details

Time: 2011 to 2018


Client: Device: Android & IOS - Phones, iPad, Tablets

Date: Tools: Adobe Photoshop

Project Description

Time: 2011 to 2018
Tools: Photoshop & Sketch
Medium: Android & IOS - Phones, iPad, Tablets
My Role: UI and asset Designs of app sections like billing and payments, voicezone, live chat, troubleshoot and equipment activations.


Time Warner Cable’s self care app My TWC, provides account management experience to TWC subscribers and enables TWC to reduce support costs and increase revenues. App features including Billing and Payment, Troubleshooting, Activation, EZ Connection and Equipment Activation, Talk to TWC, Live Chat, Virtual Agent, Account Management and VoiceZone : A softphone user can access his home phones from his mobile devices anywhere.

  • 100s of visual screens   • Work span of 7 years
  • 5 to 6 phases of development   • 1 brand change, 2 colour scheme changes and 2 design changes
  • Designed for both android and IOS mobile phones, iPad and tablet devices   • So many hours of discussions, wire frames, UX work, meetings, asset works, guideline deliveries   • A great team work !!