Project Details

Time: 2018 to 2019


Client: Device: Desktop

Date: Tools: Adobe XD, Sketch & Photoshop

Project Description

Time: 2019 to 2020
Tools: Sketch & Photoshop
Medium: Desktop
My Role: Team lead who was responsible for UX, UI, development progress and design testing of the Verizon Phase2. UI Design, UI Deliverables for the phase 2 modules including voicemails, conferencing, BLF and meetings. SSOT documentation of the whole project.


Verizon One Talk is a multi-line telephone solution that can help employees who work in an office, are on the go and remote, or a combination of both. One Talk is available on any business account in the domestic U.S., regardless of the size, type and location of the business. It can be used on Verizon Wireless devices, as well as any other carrier devices (smartphones or tablets).

One Talk is available to anyone who has either been pre authorized or issued a Verizon One Talk telephone line by the business they work for. Features include calling, messaging, conferencing, meeting, BLF, voicemail, settings and contact downloads.